Download all of your tagged photos from Facebook

With friends leaving Facebook everyday, I thought it was high time I archived my Facebook data. Facebook now allows you to download all of the data you’ve provided to them - photos, likes, posts, contacts and more - but they do not give you an option to download your tagged photos from friends.

I found an easy solution, edited from Nathan Merrit’s post [accessed 12/01/2020], javascript from Novack, and a Python 2 script from Xavier Ripoll.

1. Download this python script:

2. Scroll to the bottom of your “Photos of you” page [] and run:

for (link of document.getElementsByTagName('a')) { if (!link.href.includes("?fbid=")) continue; console.log(new URL(link.href).searchParams.get("fbid")); }

Save the console output as “list.txt” in the same folder as the script and edit just to have the FBIDs of the photos.

3. Obtain your cookies.txt for Facebook.

I used cookies.txt for Chrome and name this “cookies.txt” in the same folder.

4. Use Python 2 to download the photos.


Written on January 12, 2020