Petrol has never been so cheap

I remember as a child, that petrol was always under £1/litre. During the current pandemic, it hit the news that petrol, once again, was nearing the £1/litre mark. It made me wonder, how expensive is petrol today?

The RAC generously provides this data, plotted below.

Petrol Prices

However, over time the value of the pound has changed, with year-on-year inflation. Thus, even though the current price of petrol may be over a pound, it may be under a pound in uninflated money. The Government provides information on inflation. I used this data to make a constant UK 2000 pound.

Pound Inflation

Using this data to correct the price of petrol to a 2000 £, we can see petrol prices are remarkably static around 70p/litre (2000 £). Most noteably, since 2000 petrol has never been so cheap!

Adjusted Petrol Prices

Written on July 6, 2020