I am a final year PhD student at the John Innes Centre, working in Dr Christine Faulkner’s lab, and am currently looking for future opportunities.

I have developed skills in big data analysis of next generation sequencing data, and advanced statistical methods with the analysis of both continuous and discrete data. This was done alongside the development of novel wet-bench protocols for the extraction and purification of plasmodesmata from mature tissue, which exemplify strong analytical and experimental abilities.

Beyond my PhD, I require a strong understanding of Python, the Django framework, and Postgres database management as the webmaster for United Kingdom Biology Competitions. The website handles over 30,000 students competing in a multiple choice biology compeition in one week, which I also volunteer to write the questions for.

Here’s a copy of my one-page CV.


Here, is an archive of my scientific publications with free-to-access PDFs of all the works I am assoicated with. As well as a collection of posts about hobbies, from statistical riddles to homebrew.

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